Somali Muslims Employ Ancient Jewish Tradition To Punish Rapist

06.29.09 Bucky Turco

aleqm5icngqllnsqo38lncqo_rnbueavtw In the United States, capital punishment consists of electric chairs, lethal injections, and in extremely rare situations, death by firing squad. But in some pockets of Somalia they keep it a little more old school, biblical (Koranic?) even. They stone people to death. According to the AFP, a man convicted of raping and murdering a teenage woman was executed by Islamic fundamentalists using the ancient method in a town 55 miles outside of Mogadishu:

Ten masked men from the al-Shabab forces stoned him to death in front of everyone. They had dug a hole, buried him to his neck before throwing stones at him.

Had he been single though, things could have worked out better for him as one official explained, “He was a married man, which is why the court sentenced him to be stoned to death.” Otherwise he would have skirted with some public flogging. |BBC|