Some Colombians Are Not Fans of the Chinese, Apparently

09.23.09 Cajun Boy

racist-ad Remember last year when an utterly bizarre newspaper ad, whose purpose was to wish the team good luck in their trip to compete in the Olympics in Beijing, China, featured Spain’s national basketball team posing for a team picture making slant-eyes? Well, one could make the argument that racial/ethnic insensitivity might be a common thread among the world’s Spanish speaking peoples after seeing this advertisement running in a Colombian newspaper.

A tipster writes:

This ad has been running in a local paper in Medellin, Colombia for the last three months. The basic premise is to buy local, instead of buying Chinese goods. What is even more shocking is that every week they use a different model for this pose….including little children.

Now, I stuck the ad’s headline, “no se coma el cuento chino,” into Google translate and it came out as “do not eat the Chinese,” so maybe this is all a big misunderstanding and the Columbians are actually trying to fight the rampant cannibalism being perpetrated upon the Chinese worldwide instead of slighting them? It’s doubtful, but I felt the need to play Devil’s advocate here for some reason.