Spray Can Grenade: Ready to Explode

08.03.10 Marina Galperina

This spray can filled with oil, painted gold and fastened with rubber bands is the new conceptual sculpture We are Fucking Angry by Sebastian Errazuriz. It really is a DIY oil grenade. Onward! May the concept sketch be your blueprint.

Errazuriz says:

It would be great if people at home could replicate the design and make their own improvised oil grenades to express their anger at BP. It would be the 2010 street art equivalent to the PETA manifestations of the 90s where they would throw glasses of black oil over haute couture fur coats in socialite events.

It’s unclear whether Errazuriz intends this to be a prop for merely menacing BP-people, a revenge fantasy totem or an actual weapon, but it looks like it can be all three.

We Are Fucking Angry was recently presented at the Wooly by Tom Sachs to benefit the Endangered Species Coalition.