Stacks Of Terrible Counterfeits Found in Two Midtown ATMs

10.09.12 Andy Cush

Stacks upon stacks of counterfeit bills, printed on plain paper and blank on one side, were discovered by customers at two Midtown Chase Bank ATMs yesterday. $110,000 in cash was missing from the two ATMs, and police believe the counterfeits were placed in order to fool the machines into thinking they were carrying their full load of money. Authorities were alerted when two customers found and immediately noticed the fake bills after withdrawing from their accounts, and police are now investigating an employee of the company that services the ATMs in the theft and counterfeiting. I don’t know whether to be baffled at the fact that the counterfeiters only printed on one side of the bills or impressed that they knew how to fool the ATMs.

“We are working to get all the facts and don’t want to come to any conclusions too early,” said JPMorgan Chase in a statement. “Obviously, all of our customers who withdrew money will be made whole. ”

(Photo: Tax Credits/Flickr)