Starbucks Windows Much Harder to Break than 7-Eleven's

04.16.12 Bucky Turco

This weekend, a group of about two dozen anarchists went on a bit of a rampage after what must have been a pretty anarchy-inspiring book fair, smashing windows and turning over things in the East Village. The Starbucks at Astor Place and the soon to be opened 7-Eleven on St. Mark’s Place were among their targets, but only the latter suffered injury as its windows weren’t made of plexiglass like the ubiquitous coffee chain’s were—That’s something 7-Eleven may want to rethink considering its aggressive expansion plans for the NYC-area. Police arrested three people on the scene at the Starbucks where at least two officers were lightly injured.

A few hours later, the police made more arrest at a community center on East Sixth Street, where some of the suspects believed to be involved in the earlier melee may have been holed up, culminating in the closure of that entire block and Tompkins Square Park. It would probably also explain why a police cruiser was seen driving on an East Village sidewalk a block away that same night.