State Senator With Lil Wayne Beef Discusses Nicki Minaj, Run DMC, and Action Bronson

08.23.12 Andy Cush & Aymann Ismail

Yesterday, State Senator Malcolm Smith held a press conference in Times Square in which he demanded a public apology from Lil Wayne for making some disparaging remarks about our city. “Flat out: I don’t like New York,” Weezy told MTV earlier this week, a comment that came after Wayne’s 2007 gun arrest in NYC as well as his and Nicki Minaj’s much-ballyhooed public feud with local knucklehead DJ Pete Rosenberg.

We caught up with Smith after the press conference and took the opportunity to get his thoughts on all the important issues facing New Yorkers and other Americans today: stop-and-frisk, Pussy Riot, and whether or not Action Bronson is just biting Ghostface’s style.