Gooey and Sweet STD Cupcakes, Anyone?

10.11.12 Lily Streeter

Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Herpes — oh my! Everyone hates STDs, unless they’re made of icing and located on these very pink and very revolting cupcakes. Are you game enough to ingest one of the cupcakes included in the “STD symptom awareness cupcake box” from blogger and creative director Jenni Powell a.k.a. “Miss Cakehead.”

Featuring “boils, scabs, warts & genital discharge,” Miss Cakehead proudly maintains that each of the cupcakes is anatomically correct. Check the penis cupcake that one Instagrammer has lovingly dubbed the “Cockcake.”

Just in time for Halloween, the cupcakes will be on sale at “Eat Your Heart Out” — a pop-up shop at St. Barth’s museum in London. The stomach-churning confections are part of a rather unconventional public health awareness initiative, which additionally includes a series of lectures on the various maladies depicted on the cakes. Other tasty treats available for purchase in the shop include toenail fungus cookies and polycystic kidney cakes. Eat up!

“Eat Your Heart Out,” Pop-Up Shop, Oct 26 – Oct 28,The Pathology Museum, London (Photo: Evilcakes)