Steve Buscemi Is All Kinds of Badass

06.14.10 Marina Galperina


The trailer for gansterriffic 1920’s Atlantic City HBO series Boardwalk Empire is out and it looks like they’re doing a wolf in weasel’s clothing thing with Steve Buscemi.

There’s nothing intimidating about Steve Buscemi, so he’s an unexpected casting choice for a gangster extraordinaire/country treasurer “as corrupt as the day is long.” Hard to tell from the teaser enticements if Buscemi’s “bad guy” I-will-shoot-you and pre-whore-blow-job faces are meant to be a tad unconvincing, but they might be going for a bit of character tension here. In that case, sold! (Tentatively).

Written by one of The Sopranos writers and exec. produced by Martin Scorsese (with the long pilot episode directed by Scorsese as well), the Prohibition era series looks pretty ornate and exciting. Cast includes Paz de la Huerta. She’s all kinds of badass herself.

See also: More Paz de le Huerta, snippets of a more intimidating Buscemi in an older trailer below.