Sticky Street Art Gets Commercially Co-Opted

11.23.09 Will Sherman


What with all the artists working in tape, it’s no surprise that the medium and method continues being used for commercial purposes. A new video for Vampire Weekend’s “Cousins” features what appears to be the work of Aakash Nihilani, but is not according to the Village Voice.

Some street art enthusiasts are chagrined that the production didn’t pay, or get permission from, the tape-laying artist to mask off Cortlandt Alley in similarly simple fluorescent designs. Other anonymous commenters are debating which permutation of artists Aakash Nihilani, Sam Bassett and Vampire Weekend, ripped off whom.

Meanwhile, 3M is sponsoring a competition for sculptors working with Scotch-brand tape, giving everyone a chance to cash in. Plastic polar bear-making artist Mark Jenkins has even been brought on to judge the winner of the $5k prize in the “Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest.”