Stop-and-Frisk, the Documentary

11.16.12 Andy Cush

STOP, a documentary on the NYPD’s controversial and racially-charged stop-and-frisk policy, was recently funded on Kickstarter, and will be released next year. The film focuses specifically on Floyd et al. v. the City of New York et al., a class-action lawsuit filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights, which alleges that the practice is racially biased.

“Automatically, the first thing people are going to say when they get stop-and-frisked is ‘What did I do?'” says New Yorker Olave Sebastian in the trailer. “And it’s typically nothing.”

The film is not-for-profit, and intended to raise awareness. The filmmakers, Spencer Wolff and Niger Miles, hope to give it out for free to community organizations, high schools, and colleges.

Watch the trailer above.