Strange Creature Spotted Near the East River Was Not a Monster!

07.24.12 Bucky Turco

On Sunday, freelancer photographer Denise Ginley was walking along the greenway beneath the FDR in Manhattan with her boyfriend when she noticed a bizarre-looking animal carcass lying on a sandy strip of beach under the Brooklyn Bridge. “We were horrified by it and we took some camera phone pictures and then finally we decided to come back with my camera and I got up the courage to climb over the fence and get closer to it,” she told ANIMAL.

Ginley then sent those images to Gothamist who speculated whether it was a “bloated rat monster” or possibly a relative of the famed “Montauk Monster,” because naturally, that would make the most sense.

Last night, I went down to investigate and didn’t see it, so I contacted the city and they gave us a more reasonable explanation. “It was a pig left over from a cookout,” said the NYC Park Department’s press office. “We disposed of it.” UPDATE: Or is it?

(Photos: Denise Ginley/Flickr)