Erin “Tiny” Blackwell, 30 Years Later

11.21.13 Kyle Petreycik

The 1983 documentary Streetwisewhich evolved from photo assignment for LIFE magazine, followed the lives of eight homeless teenagers, doing whatever they could to survive on the streets of Seattle. During the course of filming, Mary Ellen Mark & Martin Bell met many, but as memorable or as touching as Erin “Tiny” Blackwell, a young and intelligent thirteen-year-old girl, and a homeless sex worker.

The film was eventually nominated for an Academy Award in 1985 and has since perpetuated Tiny’s troublesome life story to cult status among documentary films. Now, nearly thirty years after the making of this groundbreaking film, Tiny has ten children and has not been homeless for several years, however her life seems to be an ongoing struggle.

Mary Ellen Mark & Martin Bell wish to follow-up with Tiny and continue to tell her story. See the Kickstarter here.

(Images: Union Docs/Kickstarter)