Subway Horror Roundup

03.29.10 Bucky Turco

subways There were several gruesome discoveries in the city’s subway system in the past 24 hours or so. Two fatally stabbed young men were found by police in “pools of blood” on the No.2 train at the Houston Street stop a little after 5AM on Sunday morning. Police believe the fight began after a piece of trash mistakenly hit another rider’s shoe and are still actively searching for the murderer.

Later in the afternoon there was this: “nearly nude, one-legged woman found dead on Brooklyn subway tracks,”—actual headline. She was found near the N line’s Kings Highway station “wearing only black panties.” Her prosthetic leg was reportedly knocked off and her hands were severed in what cops say appears to be a suicide.

A little after 11AM today, a man reportedly jumped in front of an uptown 1 train at 116th Street and Broadway. The matter is still under investigation.

Still, things were way worse in Moscow on Monday morning with two bombings. Russian authorities say female suicide bombers detonated devices on two separate subway cars killing 38 people and injuring dozens more. In light of the attacks, the NYPD beefed up security, deploying SWAT-like teams into the subways so don’t be alarmed if you see machine gun-toting officers, they are there to make you feel scared safe.