Surveillance Doc ‘Article 12’ Calls for Digital Habeas Corpus

05.17.11 Marina Galperina

SURVCivilization. Metropolis. Internet? Screened over the weekend at the London International Documentary Festival, the new documentary film Article 12 highlights the downside of human society’s third big move – plugging into the web and surrendering our privacy. No backsies!

Featuring Noam Chomsky (of course), Brian Eno (oooh), pretty graphics and ugly facts, the doc centers in the twelfth article of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights that guarantees privacy and what that means in a world where our every purchase, public street activity or online word is monitored, tracked and logged forever.

According to filmmaker Juan Manuel Biaiñ whose IT background showed him the “vulnerabilities of the computer world and the scope for surveillance,” we’ve given up our privacy. As an Argentinian who has lived under “military prosecution” and systematic violations of privacy that lead to “large-scale erosion of personal liberties and ultimately, to mass victimisations, persecutions and death,” he predicts that isn’t going to end well. He demands Digital Habeas Corpus.