Sushi Chef: Duane Reade Sushi Sucks

02.18.10 Cajun Boy

duane reade sushi

As any New Yorker who has shopped in a Duane Reade store can attest, the company has been doing all sorts of crazy things to boost profits(?) and enhance its image, perhaps in an effort to make themselves more attractive to prospective buyers of the chain. One such crazy thing was adding sushi, yes sushi, to the store’s inventory.

Whether or not the lame-brained idea to serve sushi in a drug store will live past Duane Reade’s conversion into Walgreens remains to be seen, but the Post called on Masaharu Morimoto of Iron Chef and Nobu fame to review their product. Verdict: “it’s edible.”

“It’s good you can buy medicine while you are there — they have the painkillers and now the pain-makers,” Morimoto, who now owns a chain of eponymous restaurants, told The Post. “At Dean & DeLuca, fine, but at Duane Reade? I don’t know.”

Fortunately, the Iron Chef has an iron stomach. Overall, he rated the tuna sushi, spicy tuna and California rolls currently for sale at the chain’s Rockefeller Center underground location at Sixth Avenue ant 50th Street “a five” on a scale of 1 to 10.

But only if consumed on the day it’s prepared. The sushi packages remain on the refrigerated shelves for two days.

“The Department of Health would like this sushi because it is kept cold, but that makes the rice turn hard and tough,” he said. “On the second day, no way.”

After 36 hours of refrigeration, the rolls would taste like bricks.

“I don’t want to call it sushi after it has been sitting in the refrigerator for two days,” he said.

Consider yourselves warned people.

Photo via Flickr