SVA ‘Push The Envelope’ (Get It?!?) Door

07.01.10 Copyranter


The School of Visual Arts, my alma mater, has really not done a very good job of promoting itself recently. Last year, like many lazy advertisers, they attached themselves like a lamprey to Barack Obama’s ass. In 2008, they erected blinking star subway posters—such tired visual puns were something I was taught to avoid. Now, from last semester I presume, local agency Knarf put up this cutesy door installation inside the school’s 23rd street entrance.

I’m also presuming it’s real, and not Photoshopped, since long-time SVA chairman Richard Wilde is listed as a CD in the credits. Well? How’s that ad job market, graduated neophytes? Yeah, most of you are going to be “pulling” the envelope—the unemployment check envelope—out of your mailboxes. |Image: BAOTV|