SXSW’s ‘Serbian Film’ – What’s the Opposite of ‘National Heritage?’

03.17.10 Marina Galperina


Porn and metaphorical monsters seem to be SXSW trends this year, but one film goes above and beyond in combining both. According to the peripheral chatter, all it needs is someone to pop up at the end and say, ‘The Aristocrats!’

Repeatedly making the SXSW must watch lists (because people are sadists), ‘Serbian Film’ makes even horror critics recoil in disgust, because you cannot un-watch simulated newborn rape.

Described as Boogie Nights meets Hostel, ‘Serbian Film’ tells the tale of a retired porn star trying to take care of his financially struggling brood and baby momma. He signs on to do a skin flick he knows nothing about. Then, a series of unsavory events occur in a warehouse.
Peep the NSFW trailer for hints below or see an even more NSFW trailer considerately nipped by RuTube (who else?) here.

If this extreme exploitation flick is a Salo-style allegory on the current state of Serbia, that’s really, really too bad for Serbia.

Overshadowing Trash Humpers and Enter the Void in the WTF/WHY? shock value category, Serbian Film is picking up a buzz for the first-time (as far as IMBD is concerned) director/writer/producer/mind-fucker Srdjan Spasojevic, leaving SXSW-ies wishing for amnesia or rushing to Jean Pierre Jeunet’s Micmacs in futile attempt to restore any bit of their snuffed innocence/optimism.