Tag the New Museum!

12.19.13 Marina Galperina

Next year, renowned Polish artist Paweł Althamer’s first U.S. solo exhibit will sprawl across three floors of the New Museum. The artist known for his “consistently experimental models of social collaboration” is re-launching his 2012 Berlin Biennial installation pictured above, The Draftsmen’s Congress.

Over the course of the exhibition, the blank white space of the New Museum’s Fourth Floor gallery will be transformed through the gradual accumulation of drawings and paintings by Museum visitors and a wide array of invited community organizations.

The pomp surrounding this premise reminds a bit of Rudolf Stingel’s 2007 installation at the Whitney, when the artist lined the room with shiny, scratch-able foil.

…Hundreds of visitors have been allowed to depart radically from traditional museum protocol (hands off) and have a go at the walls in the exhibition’s first gallery, using anything they happen to have with them: pens, money, credit cards, cellphones.

What a relatively unorthodox practice! Museum visitors will tag the museum walls, as per the established tradition of graffiti writers and bathroom scrawlers shall engage in a participatory museum experience in February. (Photo: Maaike Lauwaert/Flickr)