A Quick Look Into Takashi Murakami’s Monster Movie Is Enough

12.19.12 Marina Galperina

One of the world’s most powerful artists Takashi “Mr. Superflat” Murakami has just released a little preview of his very much hyped live-cation + CGI “monster movie.” Featuring some of the signature psychedelic-psycho-Kawaii characters that permeate his artwork, Jellyfish Eyes comes out in April in Japan.

In those few seconds of actual film footage featured above, it looks pretty much what it sounds like:

Set after a devastating earthquake has struck Japan, Jellyfish Eyes “follows a young boy who … has to move with his family to an ‘experimental city’ where each child is paired with a small monster. The ‘angry feeling’ of the children then gives these creatures great power, allowing them to grow from cuddly little companions to giant, omnivorous behemoths that tower over buildings and, in one especially gorgeous scene, tromp majestically through a misty forest. Havoc ensues.

So, it’s kind of “like Godzilla” but crazier, more opulent, more… arty?

Most of the budget is going to special effects and CGI — which sounds rather ambitious — but, don’t worry. Trusting the recent prior accomplishments of the artist bragged about in the beginning of the clip, including his domination of the Louvre, and the fact that he does, after all, own the multimillion-dollar production company Kaikai Kiki whose mascots appeared in Murakami’s video for Kanye West… He knows what he’s doing. We don’t, but he does.