Takashi Murakami’s Psycho-Kawaii Bling Looks Nice at Versailles

09.09.10 Marina Galperina

Despite certain French Right Wing cultural prudes and their silly little boob-phobic petitionTakashi Murakami’s 22 works are now on display at Chateau Versailles and looking proper and ostentatious. Isn’t that the point of Versailles? They include a giant gilded Buddha-frog-thing in the gardens of Le Nôtre and a horny anime waitress in the Royal Apartments.

There’s also a portrait of Murakami with Pom (because it’s well-documented that he loves his doggie very, very, very much.)

Murakami is happy to give the Westerners “a change of scenery” and as for that fretful criticism, Muramaki says he respects extreme views of all sorts, and “It’s OK, as long as that extremism does not attack me physically.”