Taking the M Train May Have Gotten A Bit More Difficult

08.20.12 Joshua Rivera

This weekend saw the beginning of what will be a series of M station closures in Brooklyn as long overdue renovations are made. The Knickerbocker Avenue station in Bushwick is scheduled to be closed for five months while repairs are made which will include “rebuilding stairs and the mezzanine, installing new MetroCard machines, windscreens and security cameras, new electrical wiring and a public announcement system.”

The MTA will be providing free shuttles to neighboring stations overnight during the closure, and travelers will have to take the B54 bus during the day as a substitute. Come January, it’ll be the Central M station’s turn, along with Senaca, Forest, and Fresh Pond Road stations. If they all take five months each, we’re looking at two years of work at all the most pleasantly named M train stations. Which is pretty much the same as one week of work, if you think about time the way the MTA does.

(Photo: vincenzosi/Flickr)