Taxi! New App Hopes To Help You Hail A Cab

08.09.12 Andy Cush

Imagine a world in which cabbies and their fares coexist in perfect harmony. Any time you found yourself stranded somewhere off the G train, a taxi would be there, and anytime a driver was tooling around without a fare, he’d know exactly where to go to pick one up. ZabKab, an iPhone/Android app released Wednesday, hopes to bring that fantasy world a little closer to reality.

The premise is simple: any time you’re without a ride, activate the app and your location will be broadcast to any drivers who also have ZabKab installed. If they’re without a fare and in your general area, they’ll come and pick you up.

Of course, things might not always happen so smoothly in practice. “I definitely see it working in, say, Brooklyn, but not on the main thoroughfares here,” a “frequent taxi commuter” from the West Village told amNewYork, wondering whether it’d be possible for drivers to link up with their intended fares in the city’s busier areas. Queens cabbie Roland Sainristil was more hopeful. “Once rush hour is over, it’s really difficult to get a fare,” he told the paper. “I think this could be a good tool for drivers.”

Whether or not it’s the key to a brave new cab utopia (it’s probably not), ZabKab is still worth a shot. Drivers pay $9.95 to $14.95 for the service, but the app is free for users.

(Photo: Kenny Louie/Flickr)