Taxidermied Insects So Beautiful
It’s Disgusting

09.13.12 Marina Galperina

Hop off the Moz train for a sec. London-based Claire Morgan is the best artist working with animal taxidermy today. She’s mesmerizing. This is her most recent show Quietus in Switzerland — 3d cages constructed from strung-up flies, abstract planes of strawberries burst through by falling crows, floating structures of leaves resembling alien forms. The theme is desperation in life and death.

She says: “My attention has been drawn to the cheap distractions we choose to place in our immediate vicinity, with which to screen us from the overwhelming facts: That we are nothing; That our only certainty as individuals is a life, of unspecified duration, and then a death.” Gorgeous.

It’s still poor dead animal corpses though. Sigh. “Quietus,” Clair Morgan, Now through Nov 3, Karsten Greve Gallery, Switzerland. (Image: DesignBoom)

A Claire Morgan classic: