Technics Swimsuits Are Sad Sexy

05.03.12 Marina Galperina

This series of one-piece swimsuits from thePussPuss of Etsy feature designs of beat pads, mixers and other DJ gear. Most notably, there’s one with Technics, R.I.P. Technics — for sad DJs mourning the turntable’s discontinuation (or for their girlfriends). The swimsuits ship from Europe at $98 a pop. Speaking of pops, the tube top design isn’t for the breast blessed, clearly. I know, girlies with buttons — that’s a tinge unsettling, but the DJ theme makes this ok. If these swimsuits were outfitted with beer cans, BBQ grills and fantasy football charts, it would be morally reprehensible objectification. Since they’re “things” that are actually cool and gender-neutral, it’s more like flirty anthropomorphism. Maybe.