Teen Girl Confessions Electronica Art Extravaganza

10.30.12 Marina Galperina

“I’m barely 15, I barely know what a relationship is.” But that doesn’t stop her from blabbering on about “older” 11th grade boys and shit talking middle school friends for a track-length while clubby CGI nymphs girate to a thumpy dance song.

Music For Sleeping Children is a fresh collaboration from Los Angeles artist Charlie White and electronica artist Boom Bip. It’s part concept album, part net-friendly video art, and part creepily cut teen girl dialogues about popularity and feelings and OMG DRAMA and all that other vapid shit that comes back into your life in waves when you’re older, filling you with a crusty déjà vu and despair.

It’s just beautiful. Also, creepy. Thanks to Art Fag City for finding this one and trying to decide just how much art it is.

Here’s the latest, just dropped today. “Oh Georgia, you’re so popular” “Thanks!” “Oh Georgia, you’re so pretty” “OMG, did you see her?”

Shoot me.