Teens Now Incorporating Attempted Murder Into After-School Activities

09.29.11 ANIMAL

As if we needed more any more reasons to be scared of teens, the police released a video of a gruesome shooting outside of a Brooklyn McDonald’s Tuesday afternoon.

The chilling footage shows three young men walking up to the fast food restaurant. A fourth teen approaches with a white tank top and suddenly, as he nears the entrance, is shot point blank by one of the other teens. The victim, Tyquan Sewall, 18, was then shot three more times as he’s seen rolling through the street. The attackers then run off as a police van arrives.

Apparently, the four got into an argument around Flatbush Avenue, near CUNY-Brooklyn College. Shortly after, another man told Sewall to meet the three teens at a nearby McDonald’s. As Sewall approached, the teens proceeded to do a prison-style weapon exchange, or as the NYPD’s top spokesman Paul Browne put it, “a pretty elaborate choreography of handing off the gun from the first player, to the second player and to the gunman – all along luring the victim to the ambush.”

What would have once been solved with a fistfight at the playground turned into attempted murder at a McDonald’s. Sewall is now in stable condition. Those at the scene don’t want to talk and the suspects are still at large.