Thanks But No Thanks: Facebook Creator’s Portrait For Sale, Is Relatively Expensive/Creepy

02.18.10 Marina Galperina

Apparently, it “doesn’t get much better” than a portrait of the “face that created Facebook.” For $55-$1400 you can have a freshly Fed-Exed print of the awkward Harvardian billionaire (in 2007), previously published by Wired Magazine (in 2007).

Personally, this passport picture blow-up isn’t my cup of tea, as even fridge magnets with faces tend to make me uneasy (stop looking at me, Ziggy Stardust!). I guess if you’re tinkering with some possibly lucrative internet doohickey, Emily Shur‘s portrait of Mark Zuckerberg’s unyielding stare could replace the “Hang In There Kitty.”

The photograph was shot at the Facebook offices of Palo Alto, CA, “a town where even the homeless have laptops” and “rich ‘moreopenmindedthanthou’ hippies/yuppies inhabit starbucks and raise drug-addicted materialistic wiccan teenager girls.”