That Guy Running Around in the “Banksy” Hoodie Isn’t Banksy

10.30.13 Andy Cush

First the COPE 2 “collaboration,” then the Central Park art sale 2.0, then the L.A. residency, then the modified “protester” stencil in Washington Heights. In addition to its fair share of haters and admirers, Banksy’s stay in NYC has brought out a slew of imitators as well.

The latest is performance artist David Henry Brown, Jr., who has taken to wearing a hoodie with “BANKSY” emblazoned across the front, a fake mustache, and sunglasses and posing as the famously anonymous street artist. That’s him getting pointed at by Jerry Saltz.

According to a press release sent to us by a tipster, Brown made “appearances” at PS1, the high line piece with Os Gemeos, and in Times Square.

According to Brown, the performance culminated with an art stand on Bedford Ave modeled after Banksy’s on Central Park, during which he sold 70 simplistic stencil works labeled “Fake Banksys” to the easily duped public.

It’s unclear what the point of it all was, but a few people seem to have been convinced. Here are two videos of his appearances at Chelsea and Times Square.