The 3D Sistine Chapel Tour Distraction

04.08.10 Marina Galperina

vat2The Vatican recently released a meticulous 3D online tour of the Sistine Chapel that you can walk through. It’s kind of telling that the Vatican embraces Flash technology before reforming their Medieval morals.

Oooh, and you can ZOOM too! Nice one, Pope Benedict. I’m temporarily distracted. Now how about not enabling pedo-priests when you transfer them to a different district for fresh meat if kids say something about it? (Unless they’re deaf, of course.)

But back to this nifty gizmo. With all the Vatican’s hoopla about how great Michelangelo is, that’s a pretty sexy chapel. If the Vatican wants to distract us “refresh the dialogue between art and religion” by being tech-modern and honoring Michelangelo’s arty sensual exuberance, maybe they can take their discussions outside this little gimmick and think of a normal way address sexuality that doesn’t result in abuse. |ArtNet|