The Anti-Art Fair: London’s Underground Asylum

10.11.12 Lily Streeter

Banksy’s former dealer Steve Lazarides is organizing his third and final collaboration with the Old Vic tunnels, a subterranean network of unused railway vaults beneath Waterloo station. The exhibition entitled “Bedlam” is named for an 18th-century mental institution and will serve as a degenerate alternative to the nearby Frieze Art Fair. He’s really taking the theme to heart: One of the pieces is a three-hour, old-time mental illness treatment-themed film of “an eyeball and a spinning chair.”  

A champion of outsider art, Lazarides will feature works commissioned by artists such as Antony Micallef, Conor Harrington and 3D (of Massive Attack fame). He’s confident that the exhibition will draw large crowds:

Never, ever underestimate the general public’s desire for darkness.

“Bedlam,” Group Show, Oct 9 – Oct 21, Old Vic Tunnels, London (Photo: The Telegraph