The Bell Jar of the Illuminated Skull and the Christ of Bees

06.28.10 Marina Galperina

Design Miami / Basel has a few glass-encased curiosities this year. Netherlands-based Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny of Libertiny Studio placed a floating sculpture and 40,000 worker bees together, tricking the bees to build a honeycomb around the figure. They’ve even glazed the buzzing Jesus with honey (mmm, sacrelicious). Swiss designer Rolf Sach‘s dome lights cover still life with bell jars with a reflecting, nearly transparent coating that functions as a kind of a one-way mirror. Inside…

A white rat sits smugly atop of banal trash items – stale bread, burnt out light bulbs, coffee capsules, an analog clock – e.i. “basic culture.” A sawed skull scintillates with bright pills, dubbing all of us as addicts. Just in case you wanted to equip your home with an insectarium o’Jesus and arty lamps that judge you.