The Big Online Book of Trolling and Other Internet Tomes We Wish Existed

10.15.13 Andy Cush

Our friends at Nerdcore point to this excellent series of fake book covers from the graphic designer/zine artist Sean Tejaratchi, which skewer some of most common, most dreadful online behaviors. There’s “The Big Book of Online Trolling: Why Your Love of Insincerity Makes You More Pathetic Than Everything You Claim to Hate,” “The Big Book of Online Celebrity Worship: Standing Up For The Obscenely Rich and Powerful Assholes You Idolize But Who Probably View You as Some Sort of Curious Talking Animal,” and, well, you get the idea.

You may remember Tejaratchi as the guy Banksy allegedly plagiarized in a quote that went viral last year. Synergy?