The Canyons Teaser With Lindsay Lohan and James Deen Makes Sense!

10.09.12 Marina Galperina

“Welcome to the Canyons… where the sex is as cheap as the budget and the only way out is death!” Oh, please let this Kickstarter-funded Paul Schrader/Bret Easton Ellis project actually be a Grindhouse film, like this fresh teaser!

So, among those of us nervously awaiting the first real peek at this “good looking young people in nice rooms doing bad things” indie, who expected a full on faux-ruined film filter, a classic exploitation flick score and delightfully unabashed trashiness? If the tone of the actual film matches the slasher camp of the teaser, then there could be cult potential for this one, despite the minuscule budget/new actor/tabloid-attracting diva difficulties. Now watch James and Lindsay glare over their sunglasses.

As apprehensive as Paul Schrader was, at first, to hire pornstar James Deen with his adult world rep, his trailer team sure isn’t wasting any time playing it up right now. “The boy next door,” you say. “Huge” new talent, you say. Oh, you!

We shot James Deen a quick hooray, to which he responds: “I am super stoked about this trailer being released. I’m beyond excited to see the finished project and I hope everyone ends up liking it. If I suck, please let me know.” Enthusiasm, huh?

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