The Facebook Resistance Is Afoot!

01.17.11 Marina Galperina

Should a $33 billion website dictate your web-self? Should you languish inside Facebook’s sterile blue-white cyberspace or wouldn’t you rather have a Dislike button, a Kanye West speak comment generator or neon colors erupting from your profile? Artist/designer/hacktivist TBX can help.

The Facebook Resistance Artist Workshop is standing up for your liberty to be as creative, expressive and visually obnoxious as you want, even in Zuckerberg’s fascist cyber architecture. Those of us not coming to this Feb. 4th workshop at the Transmediale Festival in Berlin will eventually enjoy a trickle-down of whatever hacks they cook up over there. OCD Facebookers: You’ve been warned.

And maybe, just maybe, while freeing your profile with irritating color backgrounds, they can do something about Zuckerberg giving away all your home addresses and phone numbers?