The Fate of Deitch Projects’ Artists is Looking Up

03.15.10 Marina Galperina

NYC has lost one of its hot spot galleries this year, as Jeffrey Deitch abandoned Deitch Projects for a warm, cozy MOCA director gig. But Deitch Projects director Kathy Grayson brings good news via ArtInfo: artists formerly enjoying a Deitch association will have a new home.

In short, Kathy Grayson will open a new gallery to showcase many of Deitch stable artists with buddy Rosson Crow likely one of them. Arrested Motion is pretty sure that it will be more Aurel Schmidt and Tauba Auerbach and less Swoon and Shepard Fairey, but with a large gallery space and a European gallery owner as financial backer in place, we’ll see for ourselves when we get more details on her upcoming “Street Market” exhibition sequel at the new digs. Jeffrey Deitch will offer some advice, but no official presence. Grayson recently told ArtInfo:

I think Deitch is an approach, not a person. It’s giddy, it’s excited, it’s irrational, it’s project-based. Jeffrey had big ideas, and he’d find a way to make them work. I don’t want to have a stable of artists and 10 solo shows a year. It’s going to be a crazy circus like it’s always been.

One request: bring back the Art Parade. Please? I know it makes me pretty giddy, excited and irrational. Can’t have a circus without a parade. Come on…