The Lowline’s Public Preview Exhibit Opens This Weekend

09.12.12 Andy Cush

The minds behind the Lowline, a proposed underground park that would transform a long-abandoned trolley terminal beneath Delancey Street into a lush, green space complete with plant life and sunlight pumped in from above ground, have created a public exhibit in a Lower East Side warehouse that serves to illustrate how the park would look and function. The exhibit doesn’t open to the public until Saturday, September 15, but the good people of Curbed were able to take a look and snap some photos at a press event today. According to Curbed, the  mini-Lowline fell slightly short of expectations–there’s only one tree and patch of grass–but is still pretty cool, and “a great example of how bright they can make a subterranean space.” The Lowline exhibit, at the corner of Essex and Broome Streets in the Lower East Side, will be open through September 27.

(Image: DelanceyUnderground/Flickr)