The Many Faces of Kenny Scharf’s Mural

01.31.11 Bucky Turco

January 29th: Mural fixed, again! (Photo: David Boyle/flickr)

This weekend, Kenny Scharf worked on his mural and voila! It’s all restored and ready to be bombed again. Just kidding, there’s cameras and now, according to EV Grieve, a 24-hour security guard, so one will ever hit it again. Just passing its two month anniversary, this is the second time the wall has been repainted by Team Kenny. Take a quick walk back through time below to see all its transformations thus far. UPDATE: The security guard was only hired for a few hours while Scharf’s paint dired.

January 11th: Mural bombed, again. (Photo: noyoudontknowme/flickr)

December 30th: Mural fixed by Scharf’s friend. (Photo: Navid Baraty/flickr)

December 26th: Mural bombed. (Photo: xpressbus/flickr)

November 30th: Mural complete. (Photo: Marina Galperina/ANIMALNewYork)