The NYPD Is Sorry for Pushing a New York Times Photog, Maybe

12.16.11 Marina Galperina

NYPDNYTThe New York Times sent an angry letter to the New York Police Department about this video of cops roughing up and blocking photojournalist Robert Stolarik from shooting arrests of protestors at the at the World Financial Center. The NYPD responds with… something?

All that’s known is that an official response has been made, but the details remain vague. Stolarik says:

“Yes, I believe The New York Times got a response from the NYPD press office. They said they were ‘looking into disciplinary measures’ for one of the officers. But I don’t know which officer … if it was the one who pushed me down the stairs, the one who backed me up with a baton, or the one who blocked all my shots.”

Watch the obnoxious footage above. Here’s a highlight from the New York Times VP and assistant general counsel George Freeman:

“It seemed pretty clear from the video that the Times freelance photographer was being intentionally blocked by the police officer who was kind of bobbing and weaving to keep him from taking photographs.”

Photojournalists beware: Even if you do manage to score a press pass through a Kafkaesque trial, you still have to worry about the uniformed interference.