The NYPD’s Anti-Terrorism Deployments Snag Pot Heads Instead

09.08.11 Spencer Lund

An AP investigation discovered the NYPD’s Intelligence Division kept a list of “28 countries that, along with ‘American Black Muslims,’ are considered to be ‘ancestries of interest.'” Mayor Bloomberg compared the practice to “screening for measles” with young people, and claimed they didn’t unfairly target any groups. 

Under the guise of preventing terrorism, the NYPD played the stop and frisk game (without probable cause) and raked ethnic neighborhoods.

Midtown Manhattan ranks dead last in DNA Info’s neighborhood safety report, and the area is overwhelmingly white. Since it’s not an “area of interest” for Bloomberg’s NYPD (code for Black and Muslim), violent crime in the area  is missed. This helps explain why city cops continue to arrest more Black and Latino low-level marijuana offenders even though their Caucasian counterparts actually smoke more herb. (Photo: Maureen Kelly Nolan/flickr)