The Petition to Save Airbnb from NY Lawmakers

10.15.13 Kyle Petreycik

After the New York State Attorney General’s office issued a request for over three years’ worth of data from Airbnb members many users of the service that provides an in-home alternative to pricey hotels were not at all happy. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s subpoena is based on a New York state law that makes it illegal for residents to rent out their property for less than twenty-nine days, which was originally d against slumlords yet seems to be doing more harm than good.

Seeing as Airbnb is such a widely used service throughout New York City–boasting a community of an estimated 225,000 members–it’s only natural that someone decided to fight back. A petition written by an Airbnb host named Mishelle hopes to change the AG’s mind.

Read an excerpt below, and head here if you’d like to sign.

The reason this is happening is because of a poorly written law originally designed to stop slumlords from running illegal hotels with dozens of rental apartments. As a New Yorker just trying to pay my bills, I don’t understand why they think I’m a slumlord. Let’s remove any confusion. I’ve created a petition to fix the law once and for all.

– Mishelle