The Riot Cop Arcade Game at TrustoCorp’s Opera Gallery Show

10.19.11 Marina Galperina

If you’ve been enjoying Brooklyn collective TrustoCorp’s recent “Drive-Thru Liposuction” takeover in Brooklyn and “Lindsay Lohan Dead” magazine rack hacks all over Hollywood, Manhattan and Williamsburg, get riled up for their shortly upcoming exhibit at SoHo’s Opera Gallery. It’s play time! Check out some fresh works in the preview.

New pieces include this fully functioning, ’50s era arcade game refurbished into Riot Cop — The Game and the nifty Botched Operation game, American Healthcare Edition, thoroughly depressing from its “cut throat insurance policies” down to the “one foot in the grave.” “Life Cycle,” TrustoCorp, Oct 21 – Nov 11, Opera Gallery, SoHo, NYC. Opening reception: Thursday, Oct 20, 8pm-midnight.