The Strangest Condom Ads I’ve Ever Seen

10.01.09 Copyranter

Fuck all if I understand this campaign—by acHe, a Spanish healthcare ad agency—for the La Condoneria condom shop in Barcelona. But I’ll give it an ad teacher’s shot. The “Rub-it” headline means, not to stroke your cock apparently, but to erase the just completed sexual encounter, thus the eraser shavings sculptures of women in fucking positions. You still with me? The ads seem to say, “condoms enable you to have meaningless, consequence-less sex. Anyway, note that (click gallery) not erased are a chocolate starfish and labia flaps in the doggie-style ad, and bush in the “little toad” and cowgirl executions. So, your warm sleazy memories remain, I guess. Compare these to other entries in the ANIMAL condom ad archive. |Images: AdsOfTheWorld|