There’s a Petition for Kanye West to Curate the Venice Biennale

10.31.13 Kyle Petreycik

Last evening, a petition surfaced on Change.org requesting that rapper/fashion person Kanye West to be appointed as curator at the next Venice Biennale. Sounds ridiculous? The petition makes a pretty strong point about Kanye’s “longstanding history as well as his deep and sincere engagement with contemporary art.”

With contemporary art lingering confused in a mannerist phase, we believe West is the best person to show us the way forward and to explain, agitate, and situate artistic production in its current cultural and global setting. As such, we believe West should be invited to curate and direct the art world’s biggest bi-annual international exhibition.

There are currently 69 people that agree. #BiennalYe?

(Image:Painted. Etc.)