These Are Cosmetic Bottles,
You Pervert

08.09.12 Marina Galperina

Well, in a way. For the months of August and September, Freight + Volume Gallery is going to hang a “No One Under 18 Admitted” disclaimer on their doors, because The Double Dirty Dozen (& Friends) exhibit is all about sex: “as explicit, raunchy, funny, bizarre, obscure or fetishistic as possible.” We’ll see.

You are now looking at David Baskin’s Dildos/Cosmetic Bottles of cast urethane rubber and suggestive pigment. Gets you thinking about Platonic Forms and what exactly makes archetypal phallic imagery “explicit.” Also, fractal orgies. Adult video art. “Aaron Johnson’s psychedelic sex…Tom Sanford’s interpretation of Whitney Houston’s last bath.” Check the NSFW slideshow.

Is it all too raunchy for gallery row? Maybe much, but frolicking along “the quest for freedom of expression – sexual, intellectual, spiritual, political,” sometimes means don’t think too hard.

“The Double Dirty Dozen (& Friends),” Various Artists, Aug 16 – Sep 22, Freight + Volume Gallery, New York