These Earbuds Read Your Mood and Play Music Accordingly

10.17.13 Kyle Petreycik

Microsoft’s latest headphones will “incorporate health monitoring and mood detection.” Septimu, the new sensor-equipped headphones currently in development will communicate with a smartphone via the audio jack, and boast the capability of monitoring your mood, heart rate, speech patterns and even posture. This data is collected through the integration of thermometers, heart rate monitors, as well as two inward-facing microphones inside the headset.

While the product is still undergoing development, it’s already found a useful application. Musical Heart, an app created by researchers at the University of Virginia Center for Wireless Health, takes into consideration the biorhythms being collected through the headset and can determine the listener’s current mood, then select the perfect song. This new “situation-aware music” has many possibilities, ranging from calming you down with music to acting as a daily health diary.

(Image: Giant Bomb)