Thirteen-Year-Old Keith Haring's Diary Just Got Interesting

03.26.12 Marina Galperina

The Keith Haring Foundation has been scanning and Tumbling Keith Haring’s journals circa 1971-1989, one page at a time, while his exhibit is on at the Brooklyn Museum through July 8. How’s this for “early works?” Twelve and thirteen-year-old lil Keith’s first few pages have been mostly lackluster, but we just got to the good parts — poems and scribble bits, speckled with “God Is Love” (a theme that stuck), a heartbreaking “Hidden” and, of charmingly, “There was once a small frog/Who lived in the city/He didn’t like smog/And that was a pity.” Some of us still prefer grown-up restroom orgies to teenage diaries, and yet… aww.