This Is What It’s Like to Ride Your Bike Through a Hurricane

10.31.12 Marina Galperina

And now, here’s a little movie about Sandy and the havoc she wreaked all around the Isle of Manhattan, documented by brothers Casey Neistat and Dean Neistat, who decided it would be an awesome idea to go biking/wading/frolicking through the chest-deep tides of hurricane water.

They left shortly after the power went out and they helped out some stranded dude (humblebrag much?), but not before recording some truly ace footage of Lower Manhattan, the East Village and the West Side Highway, or rather, the West Side Canal. See basements rapturously flooding, the power flickering off over the tumultuous urban lakes and a Bentley pretending it’s a boat as its break lights twinkle through the mist.

Much like with ANIMAL’s own Bucky “E.T.” Turco, props to your chops, your crazy fiends. Here’s Casey…

(Image: Instagram/Casey Neistat)