This is What Space Nazis Look Like

03.26.10 Marina Galperina

“In 1945 the Nazis went to the moon. In 2018 they are coming back.” Reminding us that there’s more to Nazis than surfing skills, zombie potential, and scalpability, the Finnish directing duo that brought us “Star Wreck ” has just leaked a production still from their Sci-Fi Space Nazi comedy “Iron Sky.”

“Iron Sky” has the SS descending at you from the Dark Side of the Moon, where they’ve been hiding out all this time, waiting for the right time to invade and set the world “goose-stepping towards its doom.”

A bad-dreamy concept trailer released last year got the idea picked up at the Film Market at Cannes and gathered enough funding for a full length feature film.

With the magnificent Udo Kier and the dork-loin stirring Julia Dietze pulled into Space Nazi uniforms, “Irony Sky” promises to be a dark and funny kitsch fest.  |Twitch|