This Sculpture Is a Mine Sweeper in Afghanistan

12.28.12 Marina Galperina

An ingenious idea from Afghan designer Massoud Hassani may help save lives with this $53 a pop, wind-propelled, biodegradable, ugly, rolling sculptural construction. The Mine Kafon is, essentially, a ball equipped with flat-footed “legs” sticking out like a headless plastic hedgehog. As the wind rolls it over the many mine-littered deserts of  Afghanistan, its legs and weight trigger the land mines. While one or two appendages are blown off, the design sustains the blast and… rolls on.

My grandpa lead a mine-sweeping unit in Russia after World War II. It’s hard to think this form of delayed mass violence still exists — Hyperallergic also points that 70 people (mostly civilians) die around the world each day due to land-mines.

Hassani as just launched a Kickstarter to make further improvements on this innovative, life-saving design.

The design reminds me a lot of the immaculate sculptures of Theo Jansen. Now help Hassani get a GPS tracker on that Mine Fafon  so he can set it out into a mine field and start saving lives.