Tiger Woods to Finally Talk Publicly About His Floozy-Nailing Proclivities

02.17.10 Cajun Boy


Even since the Great Tiger Woods Sex Scandal of ’09 broke, Tiger has maintained a bone-headed air of silence about the whole thing, all but refusing to express himself in anything more than a lawyerly press release. But now, finally, Tiger is going to face the proverbial music, in public, tomorrow. Or maybe Friday.

According to Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino, Woods is set to come forward to talk about the shitstorm he brought upon himself by being, um, reckless with his personal life.

I have been speaking with sponsors who say they have been alerted by his reps that a public apology from Tiger Woods is imminent. It could occur as early as tomorrow sometime around 11am, and that there’s going to be an announcement of the public apology that will be done at a press conference some time tonight.

Meanwhile, ABC is reporting that Tiger’s mea culpa will come Friday. Whatever, the point is that he’s finally going to talk. And surely it’s no coincidence that TMZ reported today that Tiger plans to announce the resumption of his golf career, right?